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Cowley Brown Consulting is the sister organisation of Cowley Brown Recruitment. We work mainly in Healthcare and related sectors, and we draw on a wide range of expertise both on and beyond our own immediate team. We have three particular areas we have focused on (see below) but can also advise and assist organisations in other areas such as HR, Board / Leadership Advisory, Health & Safety consultancy and training. We can also advise very specifically re Irish healthcare, from our own experience, and drawing on the 40 years senior healthcare and business experience of our Strategic Advisor Martin Cowley.

Hospital Visitor Credentialing Software

Cowley Brown is delighted to be partnering with MedCred, which is a visitor credentialing system for hospitals.  We see visitor credentialing as becoming standard practice across hospitals, as it is already the default option for hospitals in UK/US. The benefits to the hospital range from improvements in Infection Control, Security, Health & Safety, but also allow hospitals a much closer overview of their Procurement function. Please see for more details and contact to arrange a demo.

Mobile / Modular healthcare units

With the dramatic post-pandemic increase in hospital waiting lists in many countries, we are seeing a rising demand for additional units to be added on to hospitals, and also in some cases for use in hospital car parks. We can source these units for you, which can potentially be either vehicles or modular buildings, and can be used for the likes of; Endoscopy, Vaccinations, Outpatients units, mobile labs, health promotion units, and much more. Please contact  for more information.

Medical Devices / Healthcare Consumables

Cowley Brown Consulting has occasionally introduced carefully selected organisations involved in Medical devices / surgical supplies/ healthcare consumables to key healthcare clients of ours in Ireland/UK and Europe/Middle East. Please contact for more information about this aspect of our work.

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