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A s Irish-based non-Consultant hospital doctors prepare for the July rotation of Registrars and SHOs it is worth considering the big change which is coming down the line to these islands in the form of Brexit.

Here at Cowley Brown Recruitment where we specialise in placing doctors in Irish hospitals we have seen a steady increase and interest in Irish posts from UK-based healthcare professionals, including from Northern Ireland.  Until last year, the main reasons doctors might have considered Ireland may have been the Jeremy Hunt inflicted NHS junior doctor pay deal, or perhaps for family or lifestyle reasons, but now many of them are telling us they wish to consider Ireland due to Brexit.

Why is this?

One of the main reasons, at least for non-UK born doctors, is they would like their children to become EU citizens rather than UK citizens.  If one was to gamble as to which citizenship is likely to be most useful for the future, it seems many are punting on the EU.

Other reasons include the fact that Ireland will shortly be the only English-speaking country in the EU, and that perhaps non-UK born workers will not feel as welcome in a post-Brexit UK or that at the very least there will be complications such as new work permit requirements.

Nevertheless, the NHS remains a standard-bearer of Western medicine and GMC registration will always have value, and both the UK and Ireland will remain attractive destinations.  At Cowley Brown we will continue to advise doctors (and all other healthcare personnel) to the best of our ability about the optimum Irish, UK and international medical posts.

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